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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s section is specially designed to provide a better understanding of our services, process, guarantees and privacy policy. However, this section may not comprehensively address all issues that affect our clients. Therefore, we kindly request you consult our Support Team if you have any questions. We are open 24/7.

Ordering Our Services

How do I place an order for your services?
At Cheap Resume Writers.com the ordering process is rather simple. We have a customer friendly interface that allows you to simply browse through the ordering process. Kindly click on the ORDER NOW button or visit our order page and you will get a perfect resume.

How much time is required to write my resume writing?
Even though it is prudent to give us at least 48 hours to write your resume, in case of an emergency we can get your custom resume delivered within 36 or 24 hours. However, irrespective of the deadline, you can rest assured that the quality of your resume or package will not be compromised.

Our Writers

What is a Certified Professional Resume Writer?
Certified qualified Resume Writer are experts who have mastered the art of resume writing and meet industry standards for achieving client-strategic goals. The term CPRW means that a person has achieved these excellent resume-writing skills through professional training and use of all available modern techniques. If you entrust a CRW (or NCRW) to design your resume, you can be sure that it will speak for you.

Who will be assigned to work on my resume?
At CheapResumeWriters.com, we have over 500 very highly trained, qualified and certified resume writers who focus exclusively in writing custom resumes intended for all career levels. We promise that the most suitable resume writer with corresponding background in your field will be assigned your order. However, all returning and referral clients have the option to choose a preferred writer work on their orders.

Our Services

Do you offer custom resume services for all career levels?
Yes. We provide custom resume writing services to clients from all career levels and in all subject areas. There are 6 career levels that you can choose from when designing a resume.

  • Entry Level:
    This level is for recent college or university graduates. In addition, young professionals with less than 2 years of work experience fall under this career level.
  • Professional Level:
    This refers to professionals who already have considerable experience in their career and occupy a position in their profession.
  • Career Change Level:
    This level is meant for individuals who wish to switch their professions mid-way through their careers.
  • Executive Level:
    This is a senior management level intended for senior professionals such as Directors, Vice Presidents, Presidents, General Managers, and so on.
  • Military Level:
    This level is intended for military officers or army officials who want to enter into civil employment.
  • Federal Level:
    This is meant for individuals who would like to get hold of government jobs. Additional information on career levels is available on our home page. If you would require help to discuss which category you fall under, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Support Team via live chat, Skype, email or phone.

What is the difference between CV and Resume?
The main differences between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume are

  • Length & details
  • Content
  • Purpose

A resume is fundamentally a brief, short summary of achievements, skills, and education. Generally, resumes do not exceed two pages. However, a CV in contrast is a more detailed version of one’s educational background, expertise, and experience. In addition, a CV provides a comprehensive view into a person’s professional background and may exceed two pages in length.

Do you give job interviews tips?
Yes we provide free additional service on interview tips to all our clients. These services are available once you place your order with us. Our exclusive interview tips are meant to assist you prepare for the interview.

Do you provide any discount packages?
Yes. Kindly visit our discount page for details.

Where can I view samples of your resume?
Kindly Visit our samples section to view sample resumes created by our writers.

What is resume distribution? Which employment agencies will you send my resume to?We provide our clients this unique service to assist them in their job search. After receiving your resume and approving it, we can send it to over 100 leading US job sites. This service is intended to help you to get the numerous invitations to job interviews with the least of effort on your part. For more details regarding this service, please visit our services page.

Client Support

How can I communicate with the writer?
Our custom resume writing service is unique as it is designed to give the client maximum interaction with their resume writer during the entire process. We have a unique messaging system used by clients to send any messages to the writer working on their orders. In addition, our Support Team works 24/7 .In case you have any queries just call or e-mail us! We are open 24/7.

Can I ask for revisions?
At Cheap Resume Writers, we aim for perfection and strive to ensure that your resume meets all your expectations and requirements. Nevertheless, if you feel that the resume delivered is lacking something; you can send a revision request and provide revision instructions. For more information concerning the service, kindly visit our Guarantees page.

Confidentiality, Security, Guarantees

Do you guarantee privacy on my personal data and credit card information?
We have a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. We guarantee to never disclose clients’ personal info to any third party. We assure all our clients that all their personal and contacts is safe us. All payments are securely processed via PayPal and Skrill (Money Bookers) and we do not collect your credit card information.

How do you guarantee that I will get invited for an interview?
Our organization aims for perfection and works really hard to keep all clients 100% satisfied. We understand that a perfect resume is your ticket to your dream job. Our certified resume writers have written thousands of captivating resumes with a great deal of success. We know precisely what potential employers are looking for and how to make your resume grab their attention and demonstrate that you are suitably qualified and worth being shortlisted and called for an interview.